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Cutting-edge label, Audio Rehab, the brainchild of the highly influential RinseFM DJ and producer Mark Radford, 2 years in the making the label has become a religion in London and the UK. Audio Rehab was created to release the freshest cuts of lights out, bass heavy house music. Since it’s creation the label has featured countless talent including Low Steppa, Carnao Beats, Rs4, Playtime Productions, Shea Burke, Luke Larrel and Victor Read.

We caught up with Jakkin Rabbit, who will be taking to the stage at Audio Rehab this summer at Eden.

You guys both hail from Birmingham, what was the scene there like when you were starting out?

I guess we have to admit there’s a lot more going on in the the city these days for sure. There’s a lot more parties and a lot more producers coming out of Birmingham and the Midlands as a whole which means a lot more inspiration to bounce of and keep those creative juices flowing.

Do you still like returning to you hometown to play? Are there any special venues to you guys?

We love to play in our hometown, it’s where we’re from and don’t really know anywhere else as well as we do here which as a DJ is always an advantage.
There are a few great clubs in Birmingham including the well known Rainbow Venues, Lab 11, The HMV Institute formally known as The Sanctuary and the legendary Q-Club. More recently Amusement 13 has been a great location but we have to mention some of the one off parties that pop up in the most random of derelict warehouses, they are always a great call.

When did you branch out? Was there a particular turning point?

I don’t think we would say there was a distinctive turning point of branching out, Jakkin Rabbit is just something that has grown over time especially our relationship as artists and DJs. We have always wanted to play out of our city, i don’t really know any DJs that don’t want to get out there and explore the world with their music. Our release on Hot Creations and working so much with No.19 was a good way of opening doors for our music and getting noticed by a much wider market than we were used too.

Securing an Ibiza residency with Audio Rehab must be exciting for you guys, is this a big step forward?

Its an amazing opportunity and one we are truly grateful for! Working with Audio Rehab and Mark Radford is an absolute pleasure, we have partied together before and spent time in the studio together so can’t wait to continue the relationship we all have on the White Isle!

You’ve worked with Audio Rehab before on some releases, is your residency at Eden something that’s always been in the pipeline?

Well Mark has always been kind enough to involve us with the Audio Rehab parties since we started working together and we have never been ones to expect anything from anyone so it was a great feeling when we got the call and been added to such a great line up of artists.

Now with this Ibiza residency round the corner, what can we expect from Jakkin Rabbit in the future?

Loads more music! We both have extremely busy schedules and over the past year or so have found it quite difficult to get in the studio together, saying that, recently we have made the extra effort, loved every minute of producing the tracks we have been creating and can’t wait to get them out.


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