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30.08.2018 | SECRET LOCATION

Rounding out the summer on a mischievous high, Field Maneuvers takes the first weekend of September descending on one secret field, for a full weekend of sonic explorations and all out debauchery. Three venues become four, hosting 700 people with over 65 artists stepping crystal clear sound-systems courtesy of Funktion-One and Sound Services. Three nights, one field - clear your calendar for the jewel in the UK’s festival crown.

As ever, FM welcomes back some of their long-standing family to soundtrack the hedonistic weekend with residents Ben Sims, Ryan Elliott, Jane Fitz, Nick Höppner all making a return. Plus, new recuits Shanti Celeste and Elena Colombi, join the motley crew of residents. Field Maneuvers champion talent from around the world, bringing lesser-known names and global heavyweights to a tight-knit, rave-ready audience. Powder, rRoxymore, K-Hand, Dr Rubinstein will all be making their debut this year.

Andy Blake - Auntie Flo - Ben Sims - Brackles - Cornerstone Soundsystem - Dj Hectick - Elena Colombi (New!) - Field Moves (Jade Seatle And Jane Fitz) - Local Group - Mark Archer - Mark E - Nick Höppner - Pete Woosh - Ryan Elliott - Shanti Celeste (New!)

12th Isle - 2 Bad Mice - Andy Green - Billy Nasty - Bobbie* - Chris Seddon - Claire Morgan - Dan Beaumont - Dan Thorman - Dr Rubinstein - Eris Drew - Em Williams - Gideön - Grooverider - Hamish Cole - High Fashion Technique - Housework (Shanti Celeste, Gramrcy & Golesworthy) - iona - Ivan Smagghe - Jayda G - Jaye Ward - Joel Kane - K-Hand - Laylla Dane - Machine - Mixmaster Morris - Neiyyar Inc - Nick Cobby - Paulie P - Photonz - The Peaceful Ones - Rough Draft - Scott Fraser - Scott Garcia - Shed - Stav - Sticky - Stu Crosbie - The Caulfield Beats - Telfort - Toby Nicolas - Truly Madly - Violet

Jane Fitz & Jade Seatle present:
Andy Green - Chris Seddon - Dan Thorman - Jaye Ward - Laylla Dane - Paulie P - Scott Fraser - Stu Crosbie - Toby Nicholas & Hamish Cole


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