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Brackles first began to attract the attention of DJs and dancers towards the end of last decade, while producing weird and jittery variants on dubstep and grime for the Berkane Sol and Planet Mu labels, as well as running the Blunted Robots label. However, in the time period since, and as the scene around him has changed, he’s established himself as doing something distinct from that of his contemporaries. He signed to Rinse for the release of his recent Rinse Presents CD, which showed off the breadth of his current sound: neon-tinted fusions of house, grime and garage, skirting along a fine textural line between organic and synthetic.

His current production approach and DJing – he’s renowned as a virtuosic selector of older garage – still draws a huge amount of inspiration from his earliest forays into dance music. “Just being a teenager at school, everyone was listening to garage, listening to the pirates, and the only way to get the music was to go out and buy garage 12?s,” he remembers. “So that’s what we did, then got some decks and got into DJing.”

Although these interests then naturally led him into dubstep, after spending a while producing and DJing 140bpm material, he felt compelled to return to his roots. “The first time I did FWD I just switched from playing all dubstep-style stuff. I wanted to go down to FWD and represent what I’ve been about since I’ve been DJing. So I brought some old garage and grime, and that’s the direction I’ve taken since.”

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